What is a Rug Pad and Why You Need It

Let’s say you have been hunting for the “perfect rug” to jazz up your home for months already. You have gone through several websites and stores and after ages of rug hunting, you finally found it! Before you know it, you’re already checking out, ready to purchase. But before placing that order, there’s one more item you need to add to your cart--a rug pad.

Although an accessory, a rug pad protects a lot of things--your floor, your rug, and your bank account. If you are already breaking the bank from buying that high-quality premium rug, consider getting a pad to ensure that your rug lasts a long while!

If you think that this is merely a sales talk to get you to buy more than what you need, read on.

Here are several reasons why that rug pad needs to be in your cart (with your rug!).

It protects different types of floors

Floor scratches and dents are never easy on the eyes. Whether hardwood or carpet, any type of flooring can be vulnerable to damages from heavy furniture legs. So if you love moving furniture around, it might be risky but that’s still okay! Just make sure you have a rug pad installed under your rug first to prevent any more damages. A good rug pad enacts as a protective barrier between your rug and the flooring that cushions the blow from moving any heavy furniture.

Seemingly too far-fetched, even stains and color transfers from your rugs can be prevented depending on the rug pad used. A Rubber Mesh rug pad, such as this, will not discolor or damage your floor underneath. 

So next time, before you drag your furniture around and damage your floor, ensure that you have a rug pad properly installed. 

It prevents accidents from happening

Slipping and tripping, we have all had our embarrassing falls from a loose rug or carpet. A small juice spill or an aching knee could be the only aftermath but loose rugs can become a serious hazard if you leave it unsettled. However, there is no need to panic because these possible major accidents can be avoided. A rug pad is just the way out of this! Pads provide a firm base for your rug that prevents it from sliding and curling up. See no wrinkles and bumps too as the pads keep the rug flat and smooth against the flooring.

It can extend your rug’s lifespan

No one wants their perfect area rug, which probably cost a fortune, to get ruined so quickly. Although the wear and tear are all normal, the impact of heavy foot traffic can substantially damage a rug or carpet in no time. So if you want to make the most out of your rug and extend its lifespan, protect its fibers by pairing them with pads. As an absorber, the rug pad will lessen the stress of foot traffic on the rug and will prolong its lifespan.

While it makes a good protector, its adhesive element comes with a good purpose too. Buckles and wrinkles that appear from moved furniture are some usual rug issues for many people. Not only is it unpleasant to look at, but it also ruins the form, the functionality, and the foundation of the rug. A pad with high-quality adhesion can prevent the rug or carpet to buckle and wrinkle by holding it close to the floor as tightly as possible.

It helps in cleaning

Spicing up your home with a beautiful rug is one thing, but maintaining it is another. Cleaning your rug can be a piece of work but a good rug pad that holds the rug in place makes vacuuming a lot easier. As dirt accumulates underneath your rug, the pad acts as a screen that catches the dirt instead of it clinging onto the rug’s fibers. Aside from the seamless cleaning process, the pad in between provides enough space for ‘breathing’. This allows moisture to escape which means no clammy and smelly odor!

It fits all sizes

Okay, maybe you don’t have a new rug to brag about. And that’s okay. Pads aren’t only for new and luxurious rugs, it’s for all types of rugs may it be cheap or highly-expensive! As these pads are bought in different sizes, usually in squares or rectangles, it’s easy to do a DIY and cut it down to any size or shape you want. No need to worry about your rug feeling lonely at all.


The list of reasons to buy a rug pad goes on and on. More of its benefits include providing comfort and absorbing noise. If you are already considering buying one, then check out more products here. Keep in mind that different rug pads are applicable to different types of flooring so shop for your own pad now! 

It’s never too late to save you, your floor, and your rug. Let your rug’s beauty and vibrance show for a good many years!

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