Walking on the Good Side: How to Keep Your Rugs in Great Shape

Rugs can be a great investment for your home. They give that extra detail that plays a major role in exuding your home’s overall character. However, rugs can also ruin your aesthetic by just having a small stain, a snag, or a tear. 

The good news is, you can totally avoid this. Keep reading to know how to properly take care of your rugs! 

1.  Know your rug

For starters, rugs may look like they are all the same, but they actually vary in so many aspects, especially in terms of the materials used to make them. This means rugs also differ when it comes to handling and maintenance, so the first thing you should do is to identify and get to know each type.


Tip: If you find yourself lost in the store, it is best to ask the assistance of salespeople or do your research before making that purchase.

2.  Clean it regularly

Perhaps the last thing you want is for dirt to get onto your rugs. Well, better schedule your regular cleanups now! Dirt easily builds up between those tight spaces in your rug’s fibers, which, in the long run, can eventually ruin not only the fibers but as well as your rug’s back. Vacuuming it regularly can effectively prevent this from happening. 

3.  Mind your furniture

Protecting your rugs from getting ripped doesn’t stop at vacuuming or preventing the accumulation of dirt in the threads. If you think that placing your rugs beneath your furniture is safe, think again. Furniture, when dragged, can tear, snag, and dent your rugs. Keeping your furniture intact and installing protectors on their feet may help in decreasing the force and pressure on your rugs. 


It’s also worth noting that paint from the furniture may also stick to your rugs, but you can take away all your worries from that with regular cleanups.

4.  Rotate it

Many people tend to just let rugs, especially large ones, lay flat on the floor for a long time. But did you know that this is bad both for your rugs and your floor? 

Yes, for one, pests can turn your rugs into a luxury mansion since they love to feast on dark, stagnant places such as your rugs. Aside from creating pest problems, keeping your rug still in one place can also cause them to wear off easily. The trick to preventing this is to simply rotate them at least twice a month or more depending on how you see fit.

5.  Control early shedding

Have you ever noticed the fibers falling out of your rug? Don’t worry, that’s pretty much normal, especially for newly bought rugs. Those that are fresh off the factory tend to have some unattached fibers when they get delivered to your favourite department stores. But do not be too complacent about this “normal”. After all, this can still lead to a mess if not handled early. 


These loose fibers can usually be sucked by a vacuum, but if those stray loops seem to be taller, cut them back their size. Do not try to pull them, or you will make the shedding situation worse.

6.  Clean spills as soon as possible

No matter how much we want to prevent liquids from spilling, it will inevitably happen. That is okay, until you ignore the stain for a long time.

If you do not want the stain to stay permanently, clean them as soon as you can. Just get a damp cloth, and then dab and blot the spill. Be careful not to rub the stain as this will just cause it to spread, creating more damage to your rug. For solid stains, just grab a spoon and scrape up the debris. Vacuum it afterwards if necessary. 

7.  Avoid putting it under direct sunlight

Sunlight is good for many things because of its nutrients, but unfortunately, it is not the same for our rugs, especially the ones that are only meant to be placed indoors. Sunlight, even the smallest amount, can cause your rug to wear out fast. Plan ahead before you purchase your rug and make sure that you place them on surfaces that are not exposed to direct heat. Making use of curtains and blinds can also help avoid overexposure.




If you want an outdoor rug, there are pieces that can hold up sunlight such as this Terrace Clara Diamond Rug in grey that looks good in the sunshine!

8.  Store it properly

When you’re setting up for an event and you need to temporarily store your rugs down the basement, make sure you store them properly. You can roll them tightly in a cool and dry environment. But the golden rule here is to clean them beforehand as this helps you avoid pests from getting onto your rugs while they stay hidden in plain view.

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