Beneath the Surface: Why You Should Buy a Rug Pad

Let’s be real - rugs are one of the biggest game-changers when it comes to home aesthetics. The color, texture, and design of a rug can already create a whole new vibe in your home. Rugs do more than just giving your place a new look; they also conceal those flooring imperfections that ruin the grandeur of your home.

Still, rugs can’t do their job on their own. They need pads underneath because, without one, they are just mere decorations that may be good for only a couple of days or weeks. Yes, the old adage that goes, “No man’s an island,” may well be apt for rugs, too!

Rug pads play a huge role in maximising your rug’s potential in both aesthetics and safety.

If those rugs of yours still do not have rug pads with them, here are some of the reasons why you need to buy one as soon as you can:

1. Rug protection

Rug pads can prevent early deterioration from happening. No matter what rugs we have in our homes, we always want to maximise their longevity. Unfortunately, rugs come with a short lifespan, especially those that are placed in areas with heavy traffic. Putting rug pads underneath your rugs will help them absorb less force and shock from continuous usage. Ultimately, it will protect the fibers from tearing apart easily.

Take this as part of an investment for the future and save that extra money so you would not need to buy a new one every now and then.

2. Damage control

Rug pads are made to provide an extra layer between your floor and the rug. Sharp objects can cause scratches on your flooring. Rugs often have hard and rough backs that when stepped on constantly over time, may damage the floor. Moreover, rugs also have residue from dyes used during the weaving process which may blend onto the floor and ruin its original colour. So without a rug pad, there is a greater risk of discolouration on your wood flooring since they are rubbed repeatedly against the hardwood. 

3. Safety

Are you always having awkward welcomes when somebody walks through your front door? Believe us, we know the feeling!

Never have another slip! Rug pads prevent accidents like these from happening. They give that extra force needed by most rugs to have a tighter grip on the floor. The last thing we all want is for someone to slip and be brought to a hospital because of a sprain or something worse. 

Speaking of slipping, that can also cause wrinkles on your rugs and ruins its overall quality so holding a rug pad might just do the trick!

4. Soundproofing

Rug pads do not only keep you and your floors safe, but they also give you the peace and quiet you need because apparently, they are also good noise absorbent. So with a rug in your home, there is no need to worry about your rowdy neighbours in the apartment below. Or perhaps, it could be the other way around, too! No one is getting mad at you anymore when you walk with those stilettos on or that loud cinematic sound you have during movie night.

5. Comfort

Give your visitors that luxurious comfy feeling as they enter your loft! We always love it when guests feel comfortable when they visit us. And yes, the extra layer does not only provide soundproofing but is also something soft to land your feet on. This also makes your rugs nice to sit, play, or maybe even lie on.

6. Effortless cleaning

Make the most out of your Sundays with your family and loved ones as you make the weekly cleaning less of a hassle! Rug pads serve as a breathing space between the floor and the rug that allow for more airflow in between, which then makes it easier to vacuum. Rug pads prevent mold and other harmful bacteria to build up underneath, which helps you keep a safer and cleaner air inside your home.


Rug pads, like most things, do not last forever. Sorry to say that, but they do a lot of the heavy lifting by absorbing the stress and impact from your rug. Nonetheless, it usually takes three to four years before a rug pad will need a replacement. However, you should be careful though because when overused, they can also cause damage to both your rug and your floor as they can either stick or discolour the floor finish, and you do not want that to happen.

But luckily, rug pads are:


If we would weigh the benefits you would receive and the price of each rug pad, you are looking at a lifetime-worth of money. The protection rug pads provide to your flooring is already worth the price. Besides, it keeps your rug in place so you won’t ever slip!


If you have any further questions regarding this or any other rug related topic, contact us!

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