Rug Colours to Buy for Better Selfies

Oh, selfies. No matter how much we try to deny it, posting selfies is now a quintessential part of using social media, thanks to the selfie queen Kim Kardashian. This is fine, honestly, because when you come to think of it, it is one of the few ways you can do to put yourself out there--to feel known, recognised, and validated.

So it is not surprising at all that you want to look picture-perfect every time. But let’s face it: there are days when we feel downright awful about our photos, so we take a gazillion more just to find the one that is Instagram-worthy. As a matter of fact, even someone who already looks gorgeous in person may feel the need to rely on a few tricks to up their selfie game.

For many, the secret to looking so put-together in pictures is to snap them inside a room with good lighting. In essence, it highlights all the good things you want people to see and conceals everything you want to stay hidden in plain view. But what if your lighting at home is not ‘good’ enough for you? Did you know that you can also use rugs to enhance the ambiance of a room?

Yes, it seems silly at first, but really, rugs do so much in helping you achieve a better aesthetic for your selfies. You just need to select the right colours that will go perfectly with your home interior. 

Here are the rug colours to buy for better photos:

Cool Colours

You want to feign the ultimate nonchalance even after a crazy day in the office? This is totally going to work in your favour when you take a selfie in a room with cool-coloured rugs. These rugs do not only make the room look airy and quiet, they also make you feel calm and relaxed. So in a way, it is like telling the online world that you have got everything under control, and your environment is proof.

Bayeux Modern Rug

An ivory or grey shag always works wonders in the living room or in the seating area, but you can also mix and match it depending on your furniture. For example, you have a chair in white, a rug in a blue shade may go well with it--much like this Bayeux Blue & Beige Modern Rug. Complementing your light hardwood floor with an emerald rug is a good idea too, as it will make the room look fresher and breezier. 

Warm Colours

Scion Lohko Honey 25806 Rug

Flex your creativity and cheerful personality with rugs in warm shades! Consider buying ones in orange or yellow. Most people tend to shy away from colours like these because they can seem too bright and playful. Then again, if you know your stuff, you would not be afraid to bring out your artistic side and pair your rugs with your furniture beautifully. Since warm colours add radiance to your photos, incorporating them in your selfies may seem like you are sending your friends a clear message: You are ready and raring for anything. Do not be surprised when you inspire a couple of them to get in the groove throughout the day.

Trellis Design Rug

If you are feeling extra romantic with your partner and you want to show it off to the world, you cannot go wrong with a red rug. After all, red is the colour of love. One glance at your photo will make your friends and followers appreciate the intimacy you both share.


We know that a multicoloured rug might be a huge and outrageous risk. But just because it’s a risk does not mean you should discard it as an impossibility right away. Multicoloured rugs offer as many aesthetic benefits as cool and warm ones do.

Harlequin Zeal Berry 43005 Rug

Typically, these rugs are a perfect choice for brightening up an otherwise neutral home design. They also tend to draw attention to themselves, so if you have an interior detail you want to remain unnoticed, you can count on a multicoloured rug to do its magic. But more than those, multicoloured rugs actually give the impression that you are cool in every sense of the word. Try putting them in your background and you will see how many would love to start a conversation with you.

What to Remember

Bear in mind that whatever colour you choose, it is still important to take care of your rugs and protect them from any damage that can cause discolouration. For instance, wool rugs are much less resistant to fading, especially when compared to polypropylene and polyester. So as much as possible, consider first what type of rug you are going to buy for a specific colour. 

By doing so, you will be able to avoid wasting your time and money. Besides, you still have a photoshoot to do, which means you should direct more of your energy there instead of looking for a replacement every now and then!



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