Why Choosing the Right Rug Shape Matters

Not having a rug at all can make your home drab, boring, and uninviting, but buying the wrong rug shape is nothing less than a bummer. Yes, it sounds simple and minor, but really, most people tend to overlook this small issue and it is only later that they realise that the payoff for it is actually a big deal. Not only is it a waste of time, money, and energy, but it can also constantly ruin anybody’s mood in the long run.

This is what happens when people choose rugs that look and feel nice and trendy at the moment. Sure, it is great to finally have a rug to sink your feet on, to protect your floor from damage, and ultimately, to complete your home’s overall interior design. But when you rush into buying things, you forget to take a hard look at what you really need or what truly works best for you.

Still, it is only fair to mention that it is hardly your fault, especially when we talk about rug shapes. In all honesty, there is already an abundance of articles out there about rugs. From the common materials used for making them to tips and pieces of advice on how to clean them, you can literally find various sites saying almost the same thing when you fire up a simple Google search of the word “rugs”.

That is not necessarily a bad thing because when you think about it, we do need all the information and insights we can get out there to help us make a better sense of judgment. Yet you will be surprised how only a few articles talk about the shape of rugs. That is why we are doing our best to change that!

Here, we talk about everything you need to know when it comes to choosing rug shapes. 

Common Rug Shapes

In general, there are only three rug shapes commonly found in the market: round, square, and rectangular. Each one serves to nudge the look of your space.

Round Rugs

It’s a well-known rule of thumb to place rugs in small rooms so they appear wider and more open than they really are. Round rugs also tend to accentuate curved details such as a bay window at your place, making it a noticeable design for visitors.

Patras Multicolour Cotton Round Rug-Flatweave-Rug Culture-Rug Emporium (617880027187)Patras Multicolour Round Rug

You also want your rugs to complement your furniture well. That is why it makes complete sense to put round rugs under circular furniture and fixtures. Putting a square or rectangular one only makes it awkward and defeats the purpose of a cohesive look.

Lastly, a round rug comes in handy if you are trying to make an area distinct. Let’s say you want a reading space for your me-time or you want to set up a special dining spot for romantic dates.

Putting a round rug of your choice there will define the general area, which in turn will help you get into the right headspace for the activity or the event you are planning.

Square Rugs

Square rugs are no different than round rugs when it comes to their function. They should come with square-shaped rooms and pieces of furniture for a neat appearance. What’s more, you can also pair it with another square rug, which is a trick that homeowners do to create a more modern look.

In open-plan homes, square rugs are mostly found in the seating area. This helps constrict it within four corners and easily turn the area into a living room as well. Usually, people place their coffee tables on the center of a square rug, while they let the front legs of their sofas enter its borders. This is already enough to separate this space from the rest of the room.

Rectangular Rugs

The most common rug shape is rectangular. Rectangular rugs best flatter large open floors, and just like the previous two, they work well with rectangular-shaped areas and furniture. But what makes them the go-to rugs of homeowners up to now is that they are very versatile in terms of placement. That means they can be the perfect choice for your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, or basically most rooms in your home.

This especially rings true if your rug is thin and long like this Homage Grey Transitional Runner Rug from Rug Emporium. It looks beautiful anywhere in the house!

One popular and creative thing that homeowners do with a rectangular rug is to put it on the doorway. Imagine stepping inside a house that feels straight out of a fairytale. That is exactly what they feel when they have a rectangular rug in place.

All in all, choosing the right rug shape is important to achieve a seamless design for your own place. So before you head right to the store, it pays to examine your room first to know which ones work and which ones do not.

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