What Rugs Are Best for Outdoors

At least once in a while, we cannot help but imagine what we would have been doing if we were not too caught up in our own lives. Most of you would probably love the idea of going to the beach, basking in the gleaming ray of sunshine, and posting photos of your perfect body silhouettes on Instagram. But for the rest of us, we would just want something as simple and cozy as lounging on the patio while sipping margaritas with our friends. Sounds like your much-needed rest, right?

If you do decide to go for the latter on one of these days, please know that you deserve to enjoy every moment of it. What’s more, there are actually a ton of ways to buoy up your experience. One of those is by adding a stylish outdoor rug on your patio.

Yes, as surprising as it sounds, outdoor rugs can do so much in giving your patio that resort-like vibe. They make it a lot more airy, bright, and inviting, which is good because outdoors will always be a quintessential part of get-togethers and me-times, so it’s imperative that you become as hands-on with decorating it as you are indoors.

Having said that, choosing the best outdoor rug is no way an easy feat. Of course, the ultimate goal is always to go for the one that fits your sense of style as well as your budget. But keep in mind that you will save yourself so much trouble if you know each type of outdoor rug according to durability, resistance to stain and water, maintenance, and lifespan.

We rounded up the cream of the crop when it comes to outdoor rugs and explained why each one may be ideal for you. Check them out!


It’s true that putting rugs outside is safe, and polypropylene makes a good case for proving that. Polypropylene rugs can stand up to rainy, damp, and humid climates without ruining their soft texture and vivid appearance. They may also be placed in areas where foot traffic is heavy, and they will still remain very much intact.

And that’s not even the best part! Taking advantage of polypropylene’s durability and softness does not come at a high price; you can afford one even if you stay on a budget. Nonetheless, please do not forget that polypropylene is still made up of highly-flammable materials. Meaning, it is not advisable that you place it near direct heat.


It should not come as a surprise that polyester rides high as an outdoor rug. After all, it shares a lot of similarities with polypropylene. For one, it’s durable and does not fade easily, so you can be sure that you can keep it for three to five years (or more if you take good care of it). You may, however, find a slight problem cleaning it when it absorbs oil-based stains. This is why it is best that you stay away from it as much as possible when you are eating.


In essence, putting an acrylic rug outdoors is basically like putting a wool rug in your patio, but more cushiony and more radiant. Acrylic is also not a hassle to clean since it absorbs and releases moisture quickly, so there is no need to worry about mold growing in. The only downside to it thought is it is not ideal for big outdoor gatherings because it consists of fragile materials.

Jute and Sisal

This list would not be complete without at least a couple of natural fiber rugs present in it. Nature-lovers would surely attest to the idea that outdoor decor should be made of natural materials because when you think about it, going outdoors is really about being one with nature. 

This is where jute and sisal rugs come in. These types of rugs are biodegradable and eco-friendly, so it is understandable that you want to get these instead of synthetic rugs as a way of giving back to Mother Earth. Sure, they easily fade and can accumulate dirt fast, but you can always replace them with new ones every now and then because of their very affordable price point. Then again, if you place them somewhere covered by a roof, you would not have to think about them that much.

Speaking of Mother Earth, you should check out this Misu Hand Woven Tribal Jute Rug. Its earthy look might just give you more reasons to love nature!


No matter what type of rug you buy for your patio, it’s still important to remember that you handle it with care. We all know that some outdoor activities can get a little intense, and sometimes accidents do happen. We are sure you do not want your rugs to be at the receiving end of those!

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