Pairing the Right Rug Texture with Every Area of Your Home

Part of building a room’s character is considering what kind of decorations and furniture should be placed in it. The importance of giving each area of your home its own personality is to help you manage your feelings and improve your mood; the bedroom should make you feel relaxed and cozy, the living room should be inviting, the outdoor porch should incite fun and excitement, and the bathroom should be a place of stress-relief!

However, what you need is something that is not only appealing to your sense of sight, but also to your sense of touch. Having the perfect rug in the perfect place is definitely the way to go! To help you decide what rug to get for your rooms, here is a very helpful list for you:


Soft, comfy, and warm are the things you should consider when getting a rug for your bedroom. After all, you would not want to touch the cold, hard floor first thing in the morning! Luckily, wool rugs perfectly fit the criteria.

Wool is both very comfortable and durable—exactly the things you need to make your bedroom a hundred times cosier without worrying about early deterioration. It is a bit high maintenance with the way it is naturally absorbent, but the bedroom is the least part of your home to worry about spills, mud, and dirt. 

Living Room

It is always important to leave a good first impression on your guests. As the receiving area of your house, it is expected that your living room will experience a lot of traffic. You should be ready to have maybe up to a dozen pairs of feet padding around the area! So what rug should you get?

Something that is less high maintenance and less expensive, but still soft, durable, and of course, lively-looking! Something like polyester rugs would be the most appropriate for areas with high traffic. They are also known for their longevity. 


Can we all agree that the kitchen is probably the most accident-prone area in the house? We are talking about all sorts of stains and spills you can imagine! So it only makes sense to get a rug that is easy to clean, just like cotton rugs! Aside from the easy-to-wash part, cotton rugs can also endure traffic, which is fitting for all the pacing that you do in your kitchen. As a bonus, cotton rugs can also be placed in your dining area.


You might think that wool rugs and cotton rugs are the ideal bathroom rugs because they are absorbent. Sorry to burst your bubble, but we will have to refute your claim because polypropylene rugs are the ideal rugs to cover your cold, bathroom tiles. Why? Simple!

While cotton and wool are naturally absorbent materials that are good for your freshly showered and damp feet, they have a tendency to grow mould or mildew.

However, for polypropylene rugs, you would not have to worry about growing anything in it except, maybe, your love for this item. They are also really soft and comfortable on the feet. Most people even say that polypropylene rugs are just a step behind wool rugs because they are cheaper and not as traffic-resistant. All the more reason to put them in bathrooms where there is hardly enough space for a marathon! 

Kids’ Playroom

Acrylic rugs are the perfect choice for your kids’ playroom because they are super soft and often come in bright colors. Yes, they are softer than wool rugs and are, in fact, a good alternative especially for children who are allergic to wool. Rest assured that your children are safe and comfy during playtime.


Who said you cannot put rugs on your porch? If there are tons of rugs you can put indoors, then there definitely are rugs you can place outdoors. Jute and sisal rugs are just a few of those. And they will look absolutely gorgeous as you sip your morning coffee or your afternoon tea.

Compared to others like cotton, polyester, and wool, jute and sisal rugs are pretty rough and tough on the feet. Since you will be wearing flip-flops and shoes outdoors, having these sturdy rugs to step on will not be an issue.

Home Office

We say that you go all out and opt for something fancy for your home office. Viscose and silk rugs have this smooth, soft, and plushy texture that can make your work-from-home life a whole lot better. Who knows? They might also be the stress relievers you have been looking for!

Just note that viscose and silk rugs are absorbent and less durable compared to other types of rugs, but those factors are what makes them the perfect fit for your home office where there is not much foot activity and where it is less likely for accidents to happen.


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