Create Your Own Bachelor Pad

Depicting class, masculinity and synergy, a bachelor's pad can be a great addition and support to any man's well-being and career.

To create the ultimate bachelor's pad, all of the specific elements must be present to maintain each and every requirement - whether it's physical, emotional, social, psychological and spiritual - these elements will contribute to the greater purpose of the whole space.

We give you the breakdown on some of the essential components that you can use to create your own bachelor's pad:

Create Your Own Bachelor Pad | Photo by IDesignArch
Photo via IDesignArch

Bed & Furniture

Bachelor pads are known to be sleek and modern. The bed and furniture must reflect the overall masculine look of the space. Use clean lines, a good mix of rectangular and rounded form, fine materials and cosy  furniture. The fittings are most likely efficient and they hold smart storage to keep daily clutter away.

Windows & Views

One thing that’s fairly common in most bachelor pads is the floor to ceiling windows. If you're just buying a new place, consider the location of your new home:

Will it be overlooking the ocean or lake?
Will it be high enough above the city?

The possibilities are endless but having a great view of the outside world can bring you vitality after getting home from a hard day's work.

Rugs & Carpets

How to choose a rug or carpet for your bachelor's pad will depend on your needs. Say the intended space is a high-traffic area, you will definitely need a durable area rug or carpet that can withstand foot traffic but is also low maintenance. This is because most men are out in the day working and on weekends they enjoy their leisure time. 


A bachelor’s pad gone awry can be very messy, especially if the boys are coming over. A great way to address this problem is to install smart storage that can double as another thing during the day.

Some ideas include:

  • Murphy bed that can also double as a sofa
  • Cabinets that can be art display
  • A TV cabinet with a hydraulic wine bar

Wardrobe and shoe storage behind a collector’s or trophy cabinet

Create Your Own Bachelor Pad
Photo via IDesignArch

Color Schemes

Neutral colour schemes are popular for bachelor pads. Colours such as grey, black, brown, silver and textures like wood, marble and stainless steel all contribute to the virility that the space implies. 

Create Your Own Bachelor Pad
Photo via IDesignArch

Focal Point

For most men, less is more but should they need to add more, then it has to be bigger and duly functional. Fireplaces, television sets and wine bars are favourite icons for bachelor pads.

After all, who loves their wood chucking, football and aged grape juice than men?


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