Why You Need An Outdoor Rug

If you’re looking to escape the rigours of your day-to-day, then look no further than your patio or your porch! Okay, you might think it’s silly, but imagine having a pleasant conversation with your friends or your family outside as you embrace the fresh breeze of nature. Imagine sipping a hot cup of coffee with your beau as you both gaze into the deep, blue sky. Imagine reading your favourite book alone as you listen to the sweet sound of birds chirping.

To us, these are perfect.

But wait, you cannot achieve all of these if you don’t have a nice outdoor decor to begin with. Sure, you might have a table and a set of chairs already in place, but those are not enough to make the experience all worthwhile. What you need is something that could set the ambiance and complete the look--an outdoor rug.

Here are more reasons why you need an outdoor rug!

It prevents floor damage.

An outdoor rug does not just add colour and texture to your area outside, it actually protects your floor for the better. Concrete, porcelain, and marble floors are just a few examples of luxurious investments, but they can get damaged with continuous use. Wooden decks, specifically, cannot stand up to heavy foot traffic. With an outdoor rug, you can make sure that your floors will take in less force from your feet.

It hides damage

When the damage is done, it’s done; there’s no crying over spilled milk. Do you have minor cracks on your floor that you have no time to repair? Luckily, outdoor rugs are your quick fix to that! No need to call for professional help when you can easily buy a cheap rug that can last long and cover up those unsightly areas.

It lets you go barefoot

Let’s be honest--footwear can be very uncomfortable. No matter what type of sandals you put on, it’s for certain that people everywhere have something to complain about them. So for others, true freedom may also mean taking off those sandals after a long day. With an outdoor rug, not only will you be totally free to do this, you will also give your tootsies a chance to rest on something comfy!

 It reduces accidents

This is one of the most important reasons why the absence of outdoor rugs is a no-go. Accidents happen outdoors as much as they do indoors. So to avoid major injuries, it is ideal to put a rug that can manage our footsteps. More than that, even if falls and slips do occur, a rug can provide us something soft to land on, thereby reducing the pain.

It gets you in the mood

Outdoor activities are just not the same when there’s no rug in view. Rugs are known for being mood boosters--they give you that extra cozy and idyllic feeling. So unless you’re planning to keep things dull and average, you are going to need an outdoor rug to clear your mind and get you on top of things.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you leave it under the rain?

Sadly, not all rugs are waterproof. Most natural fiber rugs like wool are best kept indoors as they tend to absorb and trap moisture within. This encourages mold spores to sneak into them. Just a little reminder: You should not let this happen as it has harmful effects on your health.

Probably the most ideal rugs for outdoors are polypropylene and polyester because they do the opposite--repel water. With synthetic fiber rugs like these, you will not have to worry about leaving them out in the open even when it’s springtime. Just do not forget to clean and dry it up after it gets wet. There is still a high possibility that moisture will get trapped underneath.

Is it easy to clean?

The answer to this is a big, resounding yes! As we said, water-repellant rugs are not going to get damaged if you hose it down. For stains, just apply a mild soap, brush them off, then rinse, and your rug looks brand new. For dirt and dust, you can just include your outdoor rug in your daily vacuuming routine and you are good to go!

Is it expensive?

No, they are not. Since most natural fiber rugs are not a good fit for your patio or porch, you will surely want to go for synthetic ones instead. And good news: these rugs are considerably much cheaper, and you can find one at a very affordable price at Rug Emporium. On the plus side, they are very much durable and resistant to heavy traffic, so there’s really no need to worry about their lifespan. Typically, they can last for up to three to five years.

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