Tips on Buying Machine-washable Rugs

Area rugs can easily serve your best home looks! And although it can instantly put a room together, it is still quite a sensitive home decor that is prone to getting dirty. If not maintained properly, both you and your rug can suffer a huge defeat. 

Foot traffic, dirt, and spills-- these are just some of the blows your rug can take. As rugs protect your flooring, it can take quite the damage. So, how do you properly clean your rug then? You might say vacuuming works perfectly alright but it can only take your rug so far. Eventually, vacuuming won’t be able to bring life back into your rug anymore.

What comes next then? You wash it, of course! However, some rugs can be very high maintenance when it comes to washing. Some rugs are made of materials that are sensitive to chemicals and are preferably need to be hand-washed. Unless you have the experience, keeping your rug neat and clean can be a daunting task. 

To avoid such inconveniences, why not get yourself a machine-washable rug instead? Just throw it in the washing machine and let it do all the work for you! With these rugs, making a mess won’t be such a pain anymore. Despite having pets, kids, or guests, machine-washable rugs make cleaning effortless and easy for all kinds of mess.  

It’s stylish, easy to clean, and practical too! And for those reasons, machine-washable rugs have become a popular option for many rug-hunters. Read on to know which washable rug to get.

Tips on Buying Washable Rugs


Depending on the material, a rug can get severely damaged when washed with a machine. To avoid ruining them, here are some materials that are guaranteed washable!


Aside from offering a comfy and soothing feel, natural cotton rugs go well with washes too. They are perhaps the easiest to toss in the washer. However, as it is prone to wear and tear, cotton rugs have a limit to the number of times you can wash it. That being said, try to stick with washing them occasionally. 

Synthetic Fibers

Most of the synthetic fibers in rugs are washable. They are very durable which is why their fibers can tolerate the impact of running it in the wash. Other materials made of synthetic fibers include:

  • Polyester 
One of the most common materials used for rugs. It’s famous for its variety of colors which makes it available and convenient for many design patterns.
  • Polypropylene
One of the most durable materials for rugs. It’s perfect for areas with heavy foot traffic and washing it is very easy. 
  • Nylon
Although they are not stain resistant, nylon rugs are still very flexible. Similar to most synthetic fibers, it can be washed with a machine. Extra care must be taken though as it is on the sensitive side of synthetic fibers.


Tip: If you’re itching to get your hands on a stylish washable rug, check this out to see more options. With a wide range of rug materials, you will surely have a washable rug that will suit your style and cleaning technique.


In terms of sizes and dimensions, small rugs are typically the easiest to wash with a machine. Because there’s only a limit to what you can put inside your washing machines and dryers, take into account the size of your rug. If you are aiming to buy a large rug, make sure that your machine is big enough for the rug to fit in otherwise, you would need to hand-wash it yourself. 

Picking the Right Rug

Washable rugs, in general, come in different types just as how rugs come in different forms. They can range from runner or kitchen rugs to round or intricate area rugs. Simply put, there is already a good amount of types and designs of rugs that are now washable. In fact, they have become a very popular option in the rug market as they boast about their easy-to-clean feature.

As rugs come in a wide variety, selecting one may depend on different issues so try to think about it. What is the scale of the area you want to cover? What is the color scheme you want to follow? Are you putting it in the kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom?

Read the Rug Label and Care Instructions

Let’s say you’ve gotten your washable rug and it’s already in need of deep cleaning. You’ve done your research and all that’s left to do is to run it in the washer, right? But before you do that, look for the care instructions found on the rug label first. It is important to read it before throwing it in the wash as each type and material might have specific cleaning instructions. 

Now, carefully reading them can give you tips and advice on how to properly clean your rug. This is because some rugs need a cold wash while others are better off with a warm wash. Others, for instance, are sensitive to a particular type of detergent and so never skip checking the care instructions. 


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