Setting Up Your Workspace With Rugs

Gone are the days when the only place you could work at was the office. Now, almost every company follows a work-from-home setup to lessen the stress among employees. So far, it has worked well for those who used to endure a two-hour commute to and from their office, those who have little kids to take care of at home, and those who just want more time on their hands to enjoy some leisure.

But let’s face it--this isn’t always the case; a work-from-home setup has its own downsides, too. One of which is your home environment. For example, if you cannot tidy up your room, much less organise your messy work desk, it might be safe to say that you will not get any work done. However, if you are willing to make it all work out for you, these rug-related tips are more than ready to help you create a soothing work environment at home.

Why do you need rugs for your workspace?

  1. They add colour to your room. Don’t feel like working? Rug colours are known to give you the boost that you need for the day. Yellow and orange will get you energised; blue will keep you at peace; and green will help you focus.

  2. They reduce noise. Rugs, especially when they have rug pads underneath, are good sound absorbers. If you need to cancel out the noise from your rowdy neighbours, your rugs will do what they can. Now, your Zoom meetings are going to sound a lot clearer, thanks to the rugs.

  3. They brighten up your room. Good lighting is key to creating a pleasant environment. But if your fluorescent lighting is not enough, you can rely on your rugs in warm colours to lend off some light.

What to consider before getting a rug for your workspace?

High Pile vs. Low Pile

High pile rugs have longer fibers compared to low pile ones, which means they are so much softer on the feet. This is a good choice for getting cozy, especially if you are done being stuck in an uncomfortable office cube from nine to five.

On the other hand, low pile rugs tend to make movement smoother for office chairs with wheels. This is ideal for those who have wide workspace areas as we assume that you need a lot of moving around to complete tasks faster.

Though both of them help you in one way or another, low pile rugs win when it comes to maintenance and safety. Because of its fibers, high pile rugs are more difficult to vacuum, which means you will need an ample amount of time to keep it in perfect condition. What’s worse is that their fibers go loose if you are not careful enough, which increases the possibility of tripping. So if you are too busy or a little clumsy, high pile rugs might not be for you.

Size and Shape

Obviously, you would want your rug to cover your entire desk and chair area. Not only will this define your workspace, it will also allow you to slide around. Keep in mind that it should be large enough that your chair will not slip off the edge of the rug. 

That said, it is still important to consider the overall look of your workspace. To avoid ruining its aesthetic, make sure that the size is just right and it does not look awkward. Sure, a large rug lets you roll about freely, but it is at the expense of beauty.

Shape also matters. The general rule of thumb when it comes to rug shape is to match it with your furniture. If your makeshift work desk is circular, then a round rug will go best with it. Again, even if it is just your workspace, you still do not want it to look uncoordinated.


Rug material is probably the last thing people think about when choosing a rug for their workspace. But let’s be honest, everything boils down to this. No matter what design, pile height, size, or shape you buy, if it does not fit your taste and budget, it might not be what you are looking for.

In general, wool rugs are the best choice for any room--they are soft, durable, and can last for up to 15 years. However, they are probably the most expensive type because of the material. 

For a cheaper alternative, you may want to choose synthetic rugs like polypropylene and polyester instead. Of course, these materials would only be good for three to five years, but they offer almost the same softness and durability as wool. So if you are still not sure about remote work, it would probably be best to go with this type of rug for the meantime.


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