PSA: You Can Never Go Wrong With Patterned Rugs

Decorating your home can be the best way to express yourself and your creativity. To liven up your place, there are thousands of home decors that you can choose from. However, it is inevitable to sometimes feel a bit too overwhelmed when it comes to shopping for the right items that will go well with the rest of your home interior design.

From your furniture to your home decorative articles, there are several ways to bring out your creative side and simply express yourself. A great way to start out is by mixing and matching your furniture with the rest of your overall design scheme. Now, you might be getting overwhelmed again as you are faced with several options. If so, there’s one item that you can get to jumpstart your home upgrade: patterned rugs!

Patterned rugs are the best option if you are looking for an easy way to personalise your home. From bold and bright patterns to subtle ones, patterned rugs of different styles and colours can surely spice up your room. Read on for more things you can do with them!

Get crazy and be bold

Going with patterned rugs encourages you to be bolder on your choices. You can play around with shapes, styles, and sizes depending on the tone you are aiming for. Working with multiple colours can complement the colour scheme used for the entire room. Try picking your own patterned rug and see how your personal style will play out with the rest of your furniture. After all, there is nothing better than a home designed with a touch of your own personality!

Use it as an accent

More than its visual appeal, rugs can also set the mood of an entire room. If planned out thoroughly, the use of rugs can be more than just for decoration. Depending on its style, colour, and texture, a patterned rug is easy to use as an accent. So if your room is painted white and designed with plain and neutral-coloured furniture, a patterned rug can make a splash of vibrance and give your room a new and exciting look. 

It can also be the foundation of your room design by basing the rest of the decorations on the rug’s features. This way, creating a harmonious home design will be easy. Moreover, a rug can effortlessly define a certain area of a room by visually dividing one space from another. So if a room will serve multiple purposes, it would be best to get rugs and use it to act as dividers. There are definitely several ways to utilize a patterned rug and it can still serve its great aesthetic purpose when matched properly with the overall theme of the room. 

Mix and Match

If you can’t choose one rug, then go all out and take two! Mixing patterns may sound scary at first as it may become nothing but an expensive home decor mistake. However, with the right mindset and guidance, mixed and matched combinations of patterns can be done beautifully! 

Despite having two different patterned rugs in one room, visualizing harmony is still possible. For example, if you are setting up a bold pattern first, the suggested move is to get a more subdued pattern for the second one. Additionally, also give considerations to the colour scheme as it is very crucial in establishing harmony between two varied designs. Also make sure to get rugs within the same colour family to complete your beautiful pattern combinations!

For starters, striped rugs are an easy pattern to mix and match with almost any pattern or colour of your choice.

Go for subtlety

For those who find patterned rugs a little too intimidating and overwhelming, no need to back out just yet! Different styles are available to suit different tastes. So surely, there is a perfect rug out there for those with a more reserved style. The wide variety of modern styles include subtly patterned rugs that can range from a palette of soft, subtle hues to simple, geometric patterns. These are best to complete a minimalist design. 

A nice example of a subtly patterned rug is an Oriental rug. They vary from bold and rich to mellow and neutral colours. The range not only applies to its colours, but as well as to their unique patterns. You can find more attractive and high-quality rugs that can work for any mix-and-match combinations at Rug Emporium. 


Rugs, in essence, provide a variety of functions at home. But known mainly for its decorative purpose, there are actually more ways to enhance your home’s interior design just by learning how to play with various prints, patterns, colours, and textures. Besides, trying out patterned rugs can also serve as a fun way to design your personal space, so start on that home decor project now and getting a patterned rug of your own. 

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