How to Keep Your Rugs Clean When You Have Pets at Home

Keeping a rug clean is one of the hardest things to do when you have furry friends staying in with you in your house. Don’t get us wrong, pets are cute and all, but who wants to have muddy paw prints, poop, leak, and tear on their rugs? No one!

We understand that there is a great pull of balance between joy and cleanliness when you have a pet to take care of. But don’t panic, we have got you covered!

Get those worries off your head because here are some things that could help you maintain your rugs, all while letting your little best friends distract you from your other daily routines!

Keep those paws clean

Admit it, we all hate it when our dogs rush into the house and start spreading paw prints on to our rugs right after a nice walk in the park. Well, get rid of those paw prints by making it a habit to clean them before entering your house. You can place a towel and a water sprayer bottle by the door, so you can easily wipe your doggo’s paws before he steps inside. Trust us, this will come in handy during the rainy season.

Vacuum regularly

Vacuuming is one of the best ways to remove pet hair on your rugs. You can set a regular vacuum schedule to control the buildup. This also helps in taking away the smallest pieces of dirt your pet brings inside your home. Keep in mind that you also need to vacuum your furniture too since it is not impossible for dirt to find its way into your furniture first before reaching your rugs. 

Nonetheless, getting vacuums designed for pet hair is a great option, too! Typical vacuums usually just cleans the surface and do not dig deep into rugs where pet hair usually starts to pile up.

Trim their nails

Perhaps there is nothing cuter than a cat scratching stuff. But we are sure nobody loves to see their rugs getting ruined by those small, cute, and lovely felines, right? Yes, their long nails can cause snags to your rugs. When unkempt, their nails can make rug fibers deteriorate, creating that hairy look on the rugs

Too lazy to trim your pet’s nails? Don’t worry, snag-resistant rugs also exist! Tufted rugs have their knotted loops cut, which helps prevent snags. When the fibers from the tufted rugs get loose, you can just cut them out and it will still look good as new.

Use tiles as flooring

Installing tile floors on entryways helps lessen the dirt your pets bring before they reach your rugs. Having a tiled entryway gives your pets some space to shrug off all those dirt they’ve gotten from playing outside. Now, tiles are also perfect for reducing that foul odor that comes from rugs you haven’t washed in weeks. Besides, cleaning is always easier with a tiled floor since dirt does not stick on its surface.

Dab and blot

One of the most stressful things our pets do is to run around the house and bump into everything they come across, sometimes, even accidentally spilling liquid stains on our rugs. The important thing to remember in situations like these is that cleaning those rugs only involves dabbing and blotting. Why? Rubbing can only make it worse by causing the spill to spread. In other words, it can leave a much bigger stain behind, which is what we are trying to avoid so dab and blot. 

Use baking soda

A horrible smell can instantly ruin anyone’s mood, and we all know how pungent the smell of animal leaks can get. Unfortunately, our pets often see our rugs as their urinals.

On the brighter side, there is an inexpensive yet effective home remedy that we can use to remove that foul odor--baking sodas. Baking sodas can easily eliminate the stench of our pets’ bladder leaks. Sprinkling a generous amount of it on your rug, letting it sit for a few hours overnight, and vacuuming it first thing in the morning will make you feel the freshness inside your home once again.

Groom Your Pets

Giving your furry friends a bath could be a subversive weapon against dirty rugs. Regardless of how much effort you put into maintaining your rugs, if you don’t know how to clean your pets, you are just wasting both your time and energy. Making sure that they are all groomed and neat gives you less dirt to clean, less stress to handle, and more reason to enjoy each other’s companionship.

Choose high-quality rugs

Modern problems require modern solutions. Problems on keeping rugs clean while having pets already existed a long time ago, and because of that, bright minds already created a solution: High quality, stain-resistant rugs! Though they’re a bit more expensive than the usual rug, getting these kinds of rugs can be considered as a great investment because not only they are reasonably priced, but they can also withstand long years of wear and tear! You can find all sorts of runner rugs with different designs, colors, and textures at affordable prices at Rug Emporium. 

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