How To Choose The Perfect Rug For Your Room

Scouting for that missing piece in your space? Add a rug to make a difference.

Rugs in history have been used for centuries as an elegant decorating material in high places like castles and churches. And while today calls for a modern application, we could still use some elegant flair to create an impact in the room.

You can use rugs to define spaces when you barely have walls, or to make rooms visually larger. 

What To Look For When Buying A Rug

Depending on your requirements, buying a rug can range with different factors but picking a rug shouldn’t be that difficult. The two most important things to note are if the rug sits well aesthetically and practically in your designed area and if it serves its purpose and cover the amount where you need it to be.

If you’re still stumped that you have too many choices on how to buy an area rug, this area rug buying guide is definitely for you.

Size and Shape


The floor space you want covered will determine what size of area rug to buy. Typically you may want to allot the central focus on the element you want to emphasise.

In the traditional sense, rugs are used only for the seating area covering feet space, but this part could be another element: the coffee table, your desk, a decorative item, your bed, anything.

What works: Make sure that your intended rug space will not collide with any existing rug. A rule of thumb is to have one rug in a room, but this rule can be flexible if you have a main rug and an accent rug. See to it that both are different in sizes or shape and won’t look too stuffed in the room, so if you already have a circular rug for your focal area then a slim rectangular runner might look pretty underneath your side table displaying your conversational pieces. 



Once you’ve got the area rug size and dimensions down, you can now move on to colour.

Many rug buyers like choosing the colour over size first but I would recommend that you do the latter as the former can be easier to source.

What rug colour suits best for your room is decided by its aesthetic – floor, ceiling and wall colour plus the furniture that will go into it will be the clues to looks at.

What works: It is easier to design your room around the major pieces of furniture and decor that will comprise its colour palette and the area rug is one of the biggest signature pieces. If you already have a solid palette in mind, ensure that it harmonizes both the rug and the wall. These two are the quickest to spot upon entering the room. 

Pattern & Texture


To create a pleasing space, every element in your room must be cohesive. If you already have a busy wall then a muted, neutral rug might be your best option

What works: As an easy tip is to look around your space to see where you can derive pattern and texture from. It could be from the throw pillows you picked, the sofa fabric, the artwork or any patterns from vases or frames.

Texture can be decided once you know what your room’s appeal is. Just a quick glance on how the space seems can tell you whether you have a soft or rough look and use this to know what kind of rug to buy.

Contrast is a great influencing factor to keep in mind because area rugs are outstanding pieces of the room.



The perfect rug for your room must withstand pressure and foot traffic. It will be very beneficial if you could pick out a rug that is beautiful, resilient and cosy.

If your area rug will be placed in the living room, then it has to have at least a thick cut for the material to hold up to wear and tear. And if you have children or pets, then make sure it’s easy to wash as it will acquire dirt rapidly over time.


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