Do Rug Pads Damage Hardwood Floors

If you’ve done all your rug research right, at this point, you must have gotten your own rug pad already. It does honestly get all the work done--from protecting your floor to prolonging your rug’s life. It is very practical so, needless to say, owning one just makes all the sense. 

But just because you have a pad doesn’t mean you’re out of the woods already! There is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to protecting your flooring after all. As a matter of fact, different pads suit different types of flooring. Depending on its material and quality, your flooring’s life is in the hands of your rug. 

Especially when it comes to the expensive hardwood floors, a rug pad’s quality and material should be given more thought. If you are one of those people who pushed the boat out to furnish your house with hardwood flooring, which is one of the most expensive floorings out there, you would want to do what is necessary to protect it. Because with one small mistake, you can put your floor and your bank account in grave danger. They are prone to taking quite a hit from all the foot traffic stains, spills, and heavy furniture so, without proper protection, it will be soul-crushing to see your valuable flooring beaten up badly. 

If you are wondering whether they ruin hardwood floors, the answer is both yes and no. Take note that rug pads vary according to their materials so simply put, your floor’s condition is subject to damage depending on the pad’s materials too. Hence, to keep them smooth and flawless, you must learn your rug-floor compatibility. Truth is, looking for the right padding that will go well with your floor may sound like a piece of cake but it is certainly harder than you think.

So before you wreck your hardwood floors, read on to know what’s best for you and your flooring!

Spend more to save more!

When you are trying to stay on budget, you might be looking at the cheapest options. And that’s okay! In fact, getting an item for less than what it’s worth could be one of the most satisfying feelings ever. However, in the rug market, you might want to think over whether you are staying on budget or not. Because sooner or later, getting a cheap rug pad may not be such a steal after it ruins your hardwood flooring. 

What if I say a rug pad, an accessory essentially made to protect your floor, ends up spoiling it with stains and discolorations? You might think it’s quite ironic for it to happen, but it’s true! Quality matters so much in keeping your flooring safe from any damages. For instance, low-quality rug pads have the tendency to leave stains on your flooring. They are usually made of a synthetic fiber called PVC (polyvinyl chloride) that discolors and stains your hardwood surface. 

Investing in a rug pad may seem over the top but a good quality pad will leave you an impeccable impression. They provide much more absorption and protection that prevent stains and spills from seeping through your floor. You only need to shell out a little bit more to keep your hardwood floor looking flawless, but we assure you that it is worth your money. 

Your pad and your floor, are they compatible?

A rug pad purchase without adequate research will only lead to the flooring’s premature deterioration. Aside from quality, the padding’s material can also cause damage to your floor. This is why it is best to know which materials will go well with your flooring. The following are the type of materials that will suit a hardwood flooring:

Natural Rubber

This material is one of the safest to use on hardwood floors. It creates enough friction to make adhesives, such as glue and tape. With natural rubber, hardwood floors are safe from adhesion stains. Moreover, this material is usually eco-friendly and boasts of its good non-slip feature. All of these benefits are the reason why most natural rubber rug pads come with a high price to pay. 


Felt pads are known for their cushion. It provides a comfortable and cozy feeling that is great for areas such as the living room and the bedroom. Unlike natural rubber, felt provides weak adhesion on the flooring with no non-slip quality at all. Despite that, this fits perfect for large rugs under heavy furniture like couches and tables. It is also made of recycled materials which makes it an eco-friendly option as well. 

Rubber and Felt 

For a win-win situation, rubber and felt rug pads provide both a non-slip and an ultra-soft cushion feature. It keeps the rug in place while also offering a cozy and cushy feeling. It is very safe to use on hardwood floors because no adhesive means no stains. It is also non-toxic so your floor is safe from discolouration. This material is exceptionally durable thus, making it an ideal choice for long time use. 


Think you’re ready to save your floor and your wallet? Get one of these rug pads from Rug Emporium to ensure that your hardwood floors are always safe and protected!

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