A Closer Look At Mid-Century Modern Rugs

Sometime between 1933 to 1965, a new style was born that defined architecture, furniture, interior design and the lifestyle that came after it. It was coined as “Mid Century Modern”.

Mid-Century Modern has easily become one of the crowd favourites when it comes to home construction and home renovation. It’s no surprise that the rug industry had caught on the fever too. Designers such as Knoll, Charles & Ray Eames, Eero Saarinen are just some of the most notable designers who have propagated this beautiful style.

For common folk dwellers, you can bring home a little designer pizzazz to your space by incorporating the same style through mid-century modern area rugs.

Geometric Patterns


Mid-Century Modern area rugs have emphasis on the shape and outline of the textile prints. They have rigid and spacious geometric patterns that seamlessly repeat. It’s a great way to create a “shock and awe” effect in a conversational room. 

Sleek & Retro Elegant


The Mid-Century Modern area rug will occasionally offer alternatives to the boxed geometric patterns such as slender curvature and an elegant finish. You can find it in the rounded edges of rugs or the print with which they came with.

A caveat would be to pair two items in contrast, so if you’re planning to buy a rug or want to know what Mid-Century Modern rug to buy, look for two different items that go well together in difference.

For example, if you have a rectangular shaped sofa then you would want a rug that features abstracts and curves. Designing the floor this way can create a visual flow from the point of vision upon entrance and during the time in the room. You can use same elements on two items, but ensure that it they aren’t too much strain to the eyes.

Timeless and Naturally Refreshing

Mid-Century Modern furniture and decor tend to be low-key, tapered and feature wonderful classic materials such as greenery, wood, metal and tweed or canvas. Use these elements to decide what your rug should be.

A prior knowledge of the materials existing in the room can give you a very good grasp on what area rug to buy.

Colour Is Attention


In addition to the timeless and low-key aesthetic, Mid-Century Modern boasts pops and blocks of colour. Your carpet or area rug could be the keeper of this element, but don’t let the floor limit you – use my favourite trick: The Triangle & Diamond Rule – wherein you place pops of colour in the corner points in an imagined shape in the space.

For example, you have yellow throw pillows over a cornflower blue seating, you’ll have 1-2 other colours or the same colour to the next point of the triangle or the diamond, created from where you stand (or from the doorway, depending on your space). This way the colours create cohesion within the user’s visual window.

Mid-Century Modern is a great style to dress your home or office and is worth the investment if you know which pieces to assemble together. By using a Mid-Century Modern Rug in the middle of it all, you’re already halfway through that goal.


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