6 Rugs Perfect For Your Nursery

Babyproofing is one of the key factors in building a great room for your infant. Your and your baby's safety and comfort are very important that there's nothing "too safe".

An effective solution would be to put a rug or carpet around the area, but choosing rugs that are functional and beautiful can be a challenge so here at Rug Emporium we want you to have the best of our selections.

Zwolle Cream Textured Handwoven Rug

Rug Emporium | Zwolle Cream Textured Handwoven Rug

For almost 50% discount on all sizes, you can get this elegant contemporary rug for your baby’s bedroom. This textured handwoven panels of wool and cotton gives you an enduring luxurious piece that’s guaranteed to be hard wearing and efficient. The giveaway? The thick material is very easy to clean. Now that’s a plus for busy mums and dads!

Works best for: Minimalist interiors or neutral nurseries that have pops of yellow or gold.

Flatweave Chevron Design Rug

Chevron is easily one of the favourites when it comes to nursery design so why not choose one for your floor? Rugs for nursery can come in whimsical and colourful designs but if you are considering to put something that’s modern, monochrome and still fun, consider this flatweave chevron rug.

Works best for: A neutral nursery that has pops of color; blue nurseries and pink nurseries; nurseries that have light to white flooring

Allure Modern Multi-colour Rug

    If you’re looking for a more playful design, choose this rug. This is a dense and durable choice for any little girl’s nursery. Its luxurious look and easy maintenance will win you away. Not to mention it’s a great touch to any baby bedroom that could easily be mistaken for a dreamland.

    Works best for: colourful nursery and dark toned interiors

    Pyramid Flat Weave Rug Blue

      Rugs Perfect for your nursery

      This blue pyramid flatweave rug will be a great addition to a boy’s nursery. Hand knotted in India, its pastel tone and tribal pattern is perfect if you’re making a little hideaway ala Peter Pan’s Lost Boys cove. It’s also made of 100% premium wool so you can be sure that it will match its soft look to any nursery.

      Works best for: Bold coloured nurseries and white nurseries

      Culture Blue Transitional Rug

        This is another one for your boy’s nursery. Made in Turkey, its beautiful pattern exudes sophistication even for your little bundle of joy. Create a welcoming and elegant nursery with this 10mm-piled easy-to-clean rug.

        Works best for: White nurseries, Moroccan nurseries, Greek nurseries and other themed and sophisticated interior design style

        Digital Modern Multi-Coloured Rug

          rugs perfect for your nursery

          Splash some colour into your nursery with this Digital Modern Multi-Coloured Rug. For a discounted price of $239, you get a power loomed 100% heat set polypropylene area rug that’s made from India perfect for any little boho chic nursery that you might got going on.

          Works best for: white nurseries, black or grey nurseries, whimsical nurseries, modern nurseries or minimalist nurseries that need a colourful twist


          Any choice you make for a rug, with Rug Emporium you’re guaranteed to have quality area rugs made for you. We offer FREE shipping to any parts in Australia including Perth, Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

          If you have any further questions regarding this or any other rug related topic, contact us!

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