3 Steps to the Perfect Dining Room Rug Size

We have all sat down at a friend's dining table and then gone to pull the chair in to enjoy the delicious meal you just prepared for them, only for it to be caught on on the edge of the rug underneath the table so you have to lift it a little while sitting on it.

It's awkward, it's annoying and just don't do it!

Choosing the right rug size really isn't that difficult but it does require a little bit of work before you buy and you will be glad you did.

No longer will you or your guests suffer from the annoying dining chair on rug edge dramas, everyone remains happy and your rug will last much longer.

Just follow the 3 steps to the perfect dining room rug size below and let the dining room rug bliss begin.

3 steps to the perfect dining room rug size

1. Measure the size of the table.

Measure it length ways and measure it width ways. If it is a round table measure the diameter in both north/south and east/west directions to ensure it actually is round.

You should now have two numbers and this is where things get a bit fun.

2. The chairs should always remain on the rug even when pulled out.

This will allow you and your guests and slip in front of them and sit down.

Take the numbers above and add 45 cm to 60 cm for each side some will be sitting.

You can find exactly how much space you need by pulling the chair out until you can comfortable step in front of it to sit down, then measure from the table edge to the back of the chair leg and you now have the minimum distance you should add.

Let's pretend the table you just measured is 180cm long and 90cm wide and we will allow 55cm for our friends sitting on each side.

Rug Length  = 180 cm + 55 cm + 55 cm = 290 cm
Rug Width = 90 cm + 55 cm + 55 cm = 200 cm

3. With these two numbers we now have the size of the rug you need, length is 290 cm and width 200 cm.

You can now enjoy the dining room bliss knowing you and your guests will never suffer from dining chair on rug edge dramas again

Remember these numbers are just our little hypothetical and you need to start by measuring your table first. 


If you have any further questions regarding this or any other rug related topic, contact us! 

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