4 Beautiful & Budget-Friendly Styles For Your Next Home Renovation

So you're finally ready to make your dream home come true - that's great! But is your mind set on what style you'd like to have?

A great home embodies the personality of the family that dwells in it. The home also represents the atmosphere that the homeowners would like it to have. Therefore, it's essential to pick the right one that suits your taste, your budget and your family's objective as well.

Check out these 4 beautiful and budget-friendly styles for your next home renovation

1. Contemporary Character

Photos via IDesignArch.com

Does your home have an old world feel to its structure?
Try contemporary character.

Regarded as the cross between minimalism and rustic, it gives you the best of both worlds with its clean and natural appeal coupled with the agrestic beauty of wooden and earthy materials.


2. 19th Century Modern

A more playful take on history, 19th Century Modern is perfect for the creative historian. With the remnants of archaic vaults and coves that may remind you of ancient museums and coliseums, the pops of colour will bring you back to the present day.

Photo via IDesignArch

It doesn’t even take much to re-create this design. The most where you’ll invest is at the ceiling, the furniture and storage. If you’re looking for a home that’s meant to last years with easy maintenance, consider this.


3. Minimalism

With a few natural materials and paint, minimalism can turn your abode into a cosy haven. And because it allows natural light to pass through, the style is adaptable to any room in the home.

Photo via IDesignArch

This best works in bedrooms, living rooms and bathrooms where relaxation is the top priority of the space. Kitchens can also be good bearers of this style due to its no-clutter policy.


4. Capsule Living

Too small of a space may be an issue in most home renovation projects, but not with this style. Capsule Living encourages homeowners to think “outside of the box” and really pare down to the essentials to keep the costs low.

Photo via IDesignArch

An example would be this tiny 36 sqm studio apartment in Stockholm that was converted into a smart cube. The bedroom is elevated to make way for wardrobe space and the kitchen is adjacent to it separated by a glass wall.

The initial investment may discourage you but think of the long-term investment you will make by cutting on electricity and upkeep costs.


Written by Iris Buenconsejo

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