7 Uses of Rugs For The Creative Type

Creative people just love to get crafty! We can’t blame them: art and creativity are relatively important to alleviating stress. From fine arts to multi-media, creatives just know what to do with their hands. The endless possibilities of creating something out of nothing is just so inspiring, we figured why stop with papers and clips?

So here are are 7 uses of rugs for the creative type.

7 Uses of Rugs For The Creative Type
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Majority of the creative crowd are stereotyped as messy. That’s because brainstorming and the creative flow process are the culprit.

As a creative myself, I find it hard to see what the whole picture or the output will be like without having a tangible layout of each element I am working on, thus creates a few messes here and there. A visual map or a mind map will be beneficial to every creative. If you’re stuck with your old, boring, wooden desk then try doing your thinking on the floor with a rug.

Bonus: this activity will sit well for those who dig scrapbooking! Way to preserve your life adventures and revisit them both at the same time!


7 Uses of Rugs For The Creative Type
Photo via Fox On The Run Tumblr from Fossik — Curator’s Collection - Boucherouite Rag Rug - Aztec

2. Wall Backdrop

Resourceful photographers know that the key to a great photoshoot is to get as unique and as charming as possible. Using a rug as a wall backdrop eliminates the mediocrity of plain white, red or blue textile background.


Photo by Anthopologie

3. Flatlay Background

Aside from a wall backdrop, having a gorgeous area rug as a flatlay photo background can change the total look of your whole shoot. If you’re a social media community manager and storyteller who constantly creates beautiful images for Instagram and Pinterest, this is a good fit for you.

An area rug is easily the best choice to do quick photoshoots on, whether it be a food styling shoot or an “a day at home” kind of shoot.


Photo by Anthropologie

4. Exercise/Yoga Mat

    Creative people are usually involved in stressful projects, and one way that’s a recommended outlet for them is to be engrossed in some type of physical activity – whether it’s exercise or meditation.

    However, a common pitfall on not getting to it is motivation and a conducive physical environment.  So if you’re getting tired of doing home workouts on the same area with your same yoga mat, then why not try doing it on an area rug? Not only is it going to motivate you, but it adds a pleasing experience both aesthetically and emotionally.

    What’s more, doing exercise and yoga can unlock creativity. How’s that for a boost?


    Photo via Pinterest & Feizy Rugs

    5. Tapestry

    Have an old area rug that you no longer use? If you’re renovating your home or decorating your apartment, installing a tapestry is a good and budget-friendly alternative as a home decor.


    Photo via The Merry Thought

    6. Writer’s Lair

    Aside from serving as your thinking space, the area rug can serve well for writers. Think of pine-laced air, a winter feel and a Christmas vibe near your fireplace and you’ve got an Edgar Allan Poe in the making.


    Photo via Little Gray Station

    7. Picnic Rug

    For foodies and outdoor enthusiasts alike, the area rug can be made into a picnic rug. Bring a basket, a bottle of champagne, glasses for two and your basket and you’ve got yourself a cozy time with nature.


    Written by Iris Buenconsejo

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